1. Elon is a unique genius with an outstanding focus and comprehension of the challenges and opportunities of our time, offering widely innovative and far reaching ideas, and challenging political correctness and the status quo, and all should pay attention to. Moreover he has no axe to grind, because he is not in it for the money or power, he is egoless, just superdriven towards infinity. It was a privilege to listen to his interview. Congrats to the interviewer!!! Very cool!!

    1. Musk’s latest ideas are particularly noteworthy in his view of the coming economic collapse, which he calls the “great reset” or Great Collapse of 2008/2009, and he offers solutions for the problems created by this situation: There’s a Great Reset Coming – Elon Musk – The great reset is going to be worse than the 2008 financial crisis because the debt has grown so much that it will trigger a depression far worse than anything we experienced in the last century…I think the great reset is going to be much more like the 1930s Depression.

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