Elon Musk could solve the food crisis on our planet, why isn’t he doing it?

As a result of the pandemic and global warming, many countries are teetering on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. Millions of people are starving and urgently need help. The world’s richest people, namely Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, could solve the planet’s food crisis if they gave up just a small part of their wealth. Just 2% percent of Musk’s fortune would solve world hunger, UN food chief David Beasley says. It’s a question that keeps coming up – Why aren’t billionaires like Elon Musk ending world hunger with their wealth?

Now Elon Musk responds on Twitter – he demands proof from World Food Program that $6 billion is enough to defeat world hunger, then it would immediately sell some of its Tesla stock and solve the problem.

The WFP should explain transparently how exactly the budget should be used. After an exchange of blows, David Bealsey suggests meeting with the multi-billionaire in which he will disclose how the funds are used. Whether and how much the Tesla boss will actually donate remains an open question.

Sources: CNN, Independent, Global Citizen


  1. Yes do the first move by giving foods clothing to those in need. And give them a little amout of your wealth. And teach them how to trades trades is work that will them to feed the family. Make a foundation that supports children to go to school..and yes some of billionaire s fallow you. And yes its the best feeling in this world to help to those in need and most of all God loves you..but yes to continue your dreams in life..also God double your earnings. Thank you..

  2. La cuestión es,por q no lo hacen los gobiernos,designan un 2% a erradicar la pobreza,q hagan una encuesta y se darán cuenta q la gran mayoría de la gente firmaría.

  3. It is not the money that is the problem, because more than enough is donated worldwide. The corruption in the countries concerned means that the money never reaches the people suffering from hunger. After all, you can’t eat money.

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